Portrait Artist-Barbara de Jonghe

Hailing from Brussels, photographer Barbara De Jonghe considers herself to be a citizen of the world.






Her grandmother was a painter and a photographer, and her mother was a poet, and so it seemed natural for her to start her artistic career at the Brussels School of Arts.


She modelled all through her youth, getting familiar with cameras, travels, and different settings.


She then studied journalism and worked for one of the most famous family of modern art and “impressionism” merchants and collectors. Hence she became familiar with the artistic milieu, its galleries, its auctions, and its fairs, all over the world.


Photography had always fascinated her, but now, she is in charge of her own imagination. She’s no longer in front of the camera, but behind it.


Her work is influenced by the Bernd and Hilla Becher’s German school of photography, by Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, Gerhard Richter and Thomas Ruff. The Pop Art movement also plays a role in her figurative and abstract pictures.


Her work can be seen in private collections in London, New York, Brussels, in Germany and in Switzerland.


Barbara De Jonghe is a modern and decisively contemporary artist.


“I invite you to clear your mind and explore the world of my Abstract Photography”